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Season 26 Mel Kiper Big Board

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Jan 17, 2023.

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    Its that time once again. Welcome y'all to the latest release of the 239 Mel Kiper Big Board. Theres only like 2 rookies so I won't really explain jack shit this time. Position is their best available this season imo.

    Tier 1 - These are to me, the 2 best forwards in the pool, the best FT Dman and the best G. Mash and Lemanski I believe are the only 2 forwards in the pool this season that are going to score regardless of the team they have around them. They are the 2 guys who can hard carry the production up front. BLK is a back to back finals Dman who is always a top Norris candidate. Shotgun earned his spot up in tier 1 as the clear top FT goalie in the pool imo. He put down the crack pipe and kicked up some skills and is a legit hard carry in net these days. Dont be a momo and put him on C (looking at you Fwam).

    Lemanski - LW - 45 Bods
    Mashotpa - LW/C - 50 Bods
    Master Sh0tgun - G - 22 Bods
    Bluelineking7 - D - 40 Bods

    Tier 2 - In no particular order, these guys are the legit #1 F and D options and tendys that can steal games. This group of players should be the ones going for the higher bod totals come draft night. They can control the pace of play and lead their team. A lot of top end PT talent to look out for come draft night. FT guys in this range could be overpriced as there aren't many. FT guys are likely around 30-40 Bods. PT guys 15-25 bods.

    The Skoden - Whatever you need
    BarrettFITTYcal - C/RD
    (PT)Chum llee - LD
    (PT)Legion4 - C/RW/RD
    (PT)See dub 21 - LW
    (PT)zT u r t I e - Whatever you need
    (PT)Wizzywar - G
    a1xFREAKx13 - C
    Wienisimov - C/G
    (PT)P4LE PWNR - Whatever you need
    (PT)Agent Murphy 2 - RD/C/RW
    (PT)Dominator Silva - RD
    That 1 odd guy - RD/C
    SaltyKitten8566 - G
    x mR aNdersoN o - Whatever you need

    Tier 3 - This group of players all have Tier 2+ potential, or are former Tier 1 and 2 guys who just dont really play as often anymore. Guys like Ozzy and Sauce that are gross but not as active. Guys like Hammer, Schemm who have big potential on the right lines. A guy like HoF who is Tier 1 at D but playing RW only. Grave and Hylightt could soon be household 239 names. This group could be the bell of the ball or a wasted talent depending on team setup.
    FT guys are likely 15-30 Bods, PT guys are likely 10-20 Bods.

    Grav3digger - LW
    HallOfFame - RW
    HammerMan705 - C/RW
    BootyClappin936 AKA Pittman - Either W
    Hylightt - Any F spot ya need
    Adrenaline15 - C
    S a u c e x91 - RW
    (PT)Ozzy9041 - RW
    (PT)Brahmabull563 - RD/G
    Schemmm - LW/C
    (PT)GOOGLE'S83 - G
    Death2all315 - G
    Jimmy124 - LD or LW/C in a pinch.
    RockyDanglez - Either side D/W
    (PT)wadesworld2112 - G

    Tier 4 - This is like.. The all-underrated group. All of these guys are much better than they usually get credit for around the league. None should be expected to be THE GUY but all are capable of being a decent #2 with chem and really good #3 options. Your high bod dudes hope to have these types of fellas rounding out their roster. Plus solid tendys.
    FT guys are likely 5-15 Bods, PT guys are likely 3-9 Bods.

    (PT)ROMAN95 - LW
    Cob13 - RW
    Gala - Anything you need
    (PT) Trey x93 - LD/LW
    Schielf35 - RW
    Slothydelux - C/ Anywhere
    Stewy420 83 - G
    Ace S0UL - LD

    Tier 5 - My guess on who ends up being on the dollar menu and/or waivers. I will give you a reason why you should draft and/or pick up each.

    NpL pensfan - Anything - young thumbs, listens, always around, versatile position wise.
    Pogs - RW - used to be a really solid player but is lvl 8. He is an investment pick.
    Adamhaywired - D - Solid 5th/6th player that gets hated on bc he never stops talking shit. Always around to play.
    Jonmonkey20 - LW - Team Dr. Can provide depth scoring on the wing. Good vibes.
    Saint 0420 - W/RD - Another good vibes guy. Some good hockey IQ to move the puck around.
    Sniper0270 - LW - Gold One Tee specialist. Hits up well. Stick him beside a good C and he will be a contributor on a good team.
    XX OF A KIND - W - Really solid G coming out to play W. Usually Gs coming out get hated on and nobody trusts them but XXOK is a solid #3 Winger for anybody.
    (PT)Curdogg68 - D -Reliable defensive dman type. Not going to light up the board but wont let you get lit up either. Really good guy/vibes also.
    Gino l94l - G/W - Who da fook is this guy? Last played season 1, 8gp at G. Draft him cause he’s not jaded from the last 5 years of NHL’s.
    Thejsquad21 - G - Wont be on waivers, will be starting for someone who stole him for a bod probably.
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    When does the MK Captain's Big Board drop?

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