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Season 27 Captain breakdown

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Young Kelch, Mar 13, 2023.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Hello 239!!!

    Season 27 is right around the corner as the draft will be Tuesday night on Johnny Bales stream. Let’s kick off the media hype for the upcoming season with a little breakdown of the captains this season. Heads up if you are capable of playing multiple positions your player comp is going to be either a FWD or D depending on which position I consider you best at. Deal with it


    Let’s start with the only Co-Capt duo

    Pale Pwnr and Barrett50Cal
    239 title count: 1 for each
    Playing style: Pale - Strong puck carrying fwd, primarily C. Has adopted the rep for playing a bigger build normally, but plays with a good balance of passing and taking it. He’s strong on the draws. Also a versatile skater who can play multiple spots. Will take PIMs
    Barrett50Cal - C or RD, smooth with the puck on his stick. Can be aggressive at times and force the D to defend, has good vision and drives the net.

    Player comps: Pale: Pierre-Luc Dubois; Barrett: Owen Power


    239 title count: 0 (it matches his ping)
    Playing style: RD or RW, when on D he’s a PMD that is able to drive the play and help generate offense. When on RW he’s a scoring wing. He’s strong at walking the puck down the wall from either position. QC ping god, top level vision get ready the force is coming.

    Player comp: Quinn Hughes

    239 title count: 4
    Playing style: RW/RD, he plays fast, he plays smart. Excellent at odd man rushes. Versatile playmaker who can play rush hockey or possession hockey. On D he’s like Erik Karlsson all offense, no D

    Player comp: Kirill Kaprizov

    No Regretzkys
    239 title count: 1
    Playing style: Best thumbs amongst the captains. Good 2way game but excels offensively. Creative moves off the rush and around the net. Slippery fucker.

    Player Comp: Mathew Barzal

    A1 Freak
    239 title count: 0
    Playing style: Aggressive C who likes to play downhill and will finish his checks. All of them, literally. He will backcheck hard and offensively be a pain to deal with around the crease. Loves to spin and dunk or pass out front. Absolutely lays the booms for 60 mins a game.

    Player comp: Jordan Staal

    239 title count: 0
    Playing style: Goal scoring winger who excels at the mid to long range offensive game. Plays well off the rush and on odd man rushes, not lost defensively due to his old days of playing D.

    Player comp: Alex DeBrincat

    239 title count: 1
    Playing style: Excels in puck possession play, loves to cycle and work from give and go’s. Includes his Dmen at a high rate, plays good team D. Also drops fire hits as a French MC! Play that Cobna music baby

    Player comp: Cole Caufield

    239 title count: 6
    Playing style: Playmaking C/RW/RD. Controls the pace of the play for his team. Pass first guy but likes to get mid slot and shoot wristers. He is shifty, hard player to get a clean hit on.


    … had to wait a minute for his input delay to register this paragraph before continuing. He’s one of the winningest players in 239. Hockey IQ is very high. While his best position is RD since he hasn’t played it for a full season in 239 since S12 I’m not going to make that his main position, but on D he plays a lot like Miro Heiskanen.

    Player comp: Jason Robertson (mini version)

    Last but Cee-rtainly not least..


    Big Cee
    239 title count: 2
    Playing style: RW, balanced 2way winger. Plays winning hockey. Excels off puck, finds ways to get lost by the D and get open for a clean shot. Good passer, plays with aggression and back checks betters than most wings.

    Player comp: Kyle Connor

    Alright 239, that does it for all 9 of our captains this season. Ando should be coming out with the Mel Kiper big board as well so keep an eye out for that. 239 love you guys, see you on the ice!


    Go Stars

    Here is a banger just because I’m jamming to it

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