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Shake & Bake boys wanna go fast

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, May 1, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    239, Kelch is captaining get used to these.

    This time around with a partner in crime and co-captain @Ian The Berean

    The draft strategy was executed and the squad got guys in their top 3 rankings at each position. Skaters to be able to rotate and move the puck smooth and then a guy in the pipes to lock it down. Sounds good on paper, but how will the boys perform on the ice?

    Good enough to get a 2 for 1 writeup week one. Monday night vs The Thomahawk’s Monty Pythons and then Wednesday vs Shotgun’s Proper Sword Fighters

    Lets meet the lineups

    Monday night

    LW - Young Kelch

    C - @P4LE PWNR & RW - @13IG CEE26

    LD Dvetts & RD Croydon Knight

    G @PHJ314

    And in for for night two we ran the same lineup but swapped RDs and put in @Pot Shot122

    Meet our opponents

    Monday Gm1
    This game would also be known as the Kelch game that ignited the Johnny Kling revenge tour. Kelch off a fresh 8 goal season in 42 games played comes out hot with Not 1, Not 2, Not 3... not even 4, but 5 goals.

    Catch your breathe, trust me we were shocked too.

    Dvetts and Cee scored a goal each. Pale dropped dimes. Twas a good time

    Final Score: 7-3 Shake & Bake

    GM 2
    The defensive game of the series. Nik trickles in a softie. Pale tips one in with 46 seconds left. OT they go until Sniper fittingly buried it from the point.

    Final Score: 2-1 OT Bad Guys

    Game 3
    Back to business as usual for the boys. Cee scores, Pale gets a pair, Kelch scores one. The boys lock it down on the backend. Who knew this Croydon guy isn’t too shabby at RD.

    Final Score: 4-1 S&B

    5 points and a strong start to the season for the Ricky Bobby fan boys crew.

    3 stars of the night
    1) Young Kelch anytime he scores more goals than the other team this one is just clear. 6G 1A
    2) Pale Pwnr 3G 7A, 6’7 build made 3 ppl shit their pants
    3) Dvetts 1G 7A and only 5 bods


    Night 2 vs Shitbag and 46 bod @Ziggy0005

    Game 1
    This one was over before it started. 5-0 after two periods. Shake & Bake opened up the series instantly putting their sack on shotgun’s squad (don’t worry he’s giggling right now because I said sack)

    Final Score: 6-2 S&B

    Game 2
    This game was UGLY! Pale and Kelch score to make it 2-0. Fwaming and SM22 tie it. Kelch and Cee make it a 2 goal game again. Shotgun scores. Dvetts lights the lamp. The boys try to make it hard taking 4 PIMs in the 3rd period. Just big fucking yikes.

    Didn’t matter.

    Final Score 5-4 S&B

    Game 3
    The team put it together when shotgun put himself back in net. He strapped on the pads and we lathered him up with KY Jelly as we started doing him raw. 7-0 skunk in this one as PHJ picks up his 5th win and 1st shutout of the season.

    Final Score: 7-0

    Kelch and Ian seen celebrating 11 points in week one.

    Rumor has it Ian is going for GM of the year, or he riots.

    3 stars of the night
    1) Pale & Cee combo 11G 13A
    2) PHJ 3-0 2GAA, .838 sv%
    3) Johnny Blaze for saying Kelch is hot and scoring again no matter who scored for Shake & Bake.

    Live look at Ziggy after the series

    “Dear sweet baby Jesus, don’t let every team bend me over like this all season. I didn’t choose to be an overpaid Dman, but please let my captain figure this out because my booty hole hurts” - Ziggy

    Normally I say nice things about teams at the end of writeups, but this season gonna switch that up. To the squads we played good luck the rest of the way, but y’all just got done in by a lil Shake & Bake action.

    in the famous words of Ricky Bobby

    That Just Happened
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