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Sister Fisters are your S25 Champions

Discussion in 'Articles' started by ImN0tEvenG00d, Dec 29, 2022.

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    Apr 20, 2021
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    Hi friends, @Gala my blackout is over. Time for a season ending write up for the Fister boys.

    This will be a mini recap of the entire playoffs because I’ve basically been threatened at gunpoint to do a write up for every sweep we have…there’s too many.

    Round 1 vs Regreatsky


    Easiest sweep of our lives.
    Sook/Dutch/Hoots dominated while Civ/Me refused to let easy entries and if they did somehow enter our zone Kin Dange said NO.

    Round 2 vs Shotgun


    Second easiest sweep of our lives.
    Once again you can’t stop the forward line of Sook/Dutch/Hoots and clearly can’t score real goals other than turd/shit goals against Civ/Me/Dange.

    Things to note:
    -Lemanski gets shut down
    -Freak still averages 25 hits a game
    - Debrincat nothing special
    -jimmy “can’t shutdown every forward in the game” as he claims
    -Shotty can’t stand on his head forever.
    8-0 so far. Fucking joke of a playoffs

    Round 3 vs Small Cee

    4-2 CUP WIN
    We knew this was gonna be the worst/not fun/EA exploitating series of our season and it did not disappoint.
    The Hermanos had a couple nice goals but other than that they turded their way to making it somewhat of a contest.
    Hermanos offense in a nutshell: gain entry with speed and turd on net.

    Series to note:
    -Sook is an absolute stud at creating/scoring
    -Hoots steps up when he has to
    -civ/dvetts are the best LD duo in the league
    -Mobski gets emotional and produces
    -Kin Dange is a god at saving high scoring chances/ scoring ABSOLUTE CLAP BOMBS on the man advantage.
    -Dutch actually kept his composure and won his first ever 239 Belt. The guy was the clear MVP of the Sister Fisters and legitimately deserved to win his first title of 239.

    Things to note on Los Pollos Hermanos:
    -Cee did a great job in his first season being captain dealing with all the egos on that team.

    -Kelch got new connection but gets bailed out by truculence.

    -BLK is not as elite as he thinks he is getting cooked by Sook and Mobski

    -YoungBuffalo stop with your omaha plays they don’t work and you should probably try and actually play the C position instead of letting your wingers cover you.
    Google stop being so nervous

    -Beernuts need save.
    AyeButt is the best LW in this league. There is literally no debate on that. Guy plays a team game and does what it takes to win, and is a pain in the ass to play against, but DADDY WILL ALWAYS SHUT YOU DOWN.

    Congrats to the Sister Fisters, we were the best team assembled since draft day and we knew we would in. It was a matter of just showing up and playing the games. No one could compete with us.

    We live and die by our motto: “Dictate pace and dictate play” and we proved that no 239 team was even a challenge.

    GET FISTED 239. You can’t censor me in my own write up. Fucking pussies.

    Goodie… OUT.

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