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SnB broke Danglez and the Pineapple Express

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, May 20, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Yee-Haw 239!!! Young Kelch here once again to tell you about how good my team is!!!

    Just kidding I can’t copy Levans writeup entirely. He’s only PT so his work can only be done once a week.

    I just checked the scoreboard and saw Mash got smoked in another series where he did not have @levans70 there to carry him. 239 should realize that @mashotpa is actually the Robin to Levans’ Batman and not the other way around. It’s proven that Mash can’t carry alone. Couldn’t do it on Curdogg’s team, can’t do it now. Needs the likes of RonDon or Levans or Hergy to guide him to victories.


    Now that we’ve checked the elitistism at the door let’s talk some hockey.

    First place on the line as Shake & Bake face off vs Pineapple Express. The 1 vs the 2 only separated by 3 points going in.


    The Lineups

    Shake & Bake

    Pineapple Express


    Oh and then there is @LEBRONT0

    Game 1
    Each of the 3 forwards for S&B score, but Johnny Blaze again doesn’t give @13IG CEE26 credit for the goal and this time says fwaming Dwagon scored instead of Cee. Cee gets no love on ITC and it’s priceless.

    Final Score: 3-1 S&B

    Game 2
    More of the same. Really pure dominance as the TOA at the end of this one was 15:11 to 3:12. Yikes.

    Final Score: 3-1 S&B

    Game 3
    Lebronto’s run of keeping the games close ended.

    it’s inevitable S&B will score

    Cee (aka as any other skater in 239 history) with the hatty, Kelch with 2, Dvetts and PotShot add one. Pale doesn’t score he just drops dimes.

    Final Score: 7-1

    That’s a sweep for the boys who take a firm grasp of first place with 3 series remaining in the regular season.

    live look at Danglez post series knowing he’s gonna blow up his team

    3 Stars of the night
    1) Pale Pwnr 2G 7A and 75% FO%
    2) PHJ 3-0, 1GAA, 84.2 sv%
    3) Young Kelch & Big Cee duo 8G 7A

    Pineapple Express roster on its way to the airport after they all get traded.

    We don’t know much but one thing we do know after tonight for the Shake & Bake boys is


    This week S&B picked up 9 points going 4-1-1 and having their worst week of the season.

    Next week the squad plays TAWNS and Propane Propane.

    GGs to Danglez and the Pineapple squad that makes it past the trade deadline. Nothing but respect for you guys and best of luck in the playoffs.

    Total TOA tonight was 39:32 - 11:24
    I would say the better team won.


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