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Sources confirm NDA is no match for the Ducks

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Jan 29, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Live look at @Pogs and @Jelly x 35 making a trade involving two high priced RWs that were clearly not working out where they were playing.

    Mighty Ducks acquire Schwatz and TheTrueBenSwolo from Rotating Pizza Oven for SurpriseMe22 and Yambag021

    Schwatz and Kelch reunited again

    but this also means Pogs and SurpriseMe teammates again for the 3,491,036,788,219th time

    all of 239‘s reaction


    Well well well... trade dusts settle and the boys have a series to play. Let’s meet the roster

    Mighty Ducks


    LW @zlow - C @Jelly x 35 - RW @schwatz83
    LD @Young Kelch - RD @Derekgnr
    G @ll Superstar ll


    (No Damn Answer... for Schwatz)


    Eso - SeeDub - Dmart
    Yeti - Agent

    “That is the best team they are winning it all, look at all the champions they have” -Brick

    Pom Pom squad includes @x AbiLiTy x @NoToRiOuS FiGo @Cortez TTV @Dominator Silva and WizzyWar


    these guys had plenty of comments but we’ll get to that later.


    Game 1
    Ducks feeling things out as the squad is playing for the first time together

    Final Score: 3-1 bad guys

    Game 2
    Superstar! That’s the game. Ducks suffocate NDA

    Final Score: 1-0 Mighty Ducks

    (Dmart and Dub getting locked up)

    Game 3
    Blaze bucks were on the line a few times in this one.... Jelly’s squad delivered each time!

    Naturally this was the rubber match so we had a lag out, restart and a double OT game.

    When it ended, Schwatz was celebrating his series clinching game winner with his new Duck Brothers!

    Final Score: 3-2 2OT Mighty Ducks

    Mighty Ducks win the series


    3 Stars of the night
    1) SuperStar 2Wins and a sub 1.5 GAA
    2) Schwatz... scored EVERY goal for the Ducks
    3) TheLime the guy balled out, his team just didn’t score for him

    Back to the chirps...

    NDA had some guys talking smack.

    Let’s start in my stream chat

    “Kelch is doodoo” -Figo

    “I don’t know who teal is but Marine Mike would be an improvement” -Wizzy

    Those are solid chirps, until he’s clamping your captain. Dmart finished the night with 2 goals both in game 1.


    Then how could we forget the NDA news guy, aka the complete moron. CortezintintinEatMyWordsBobNews
    Vocally voiced his criticism on Johnny Kling, hope you enjoyed tonight and can report that on !nda for week 3.

    In all seriousness GGs to Dmart and team. Y’all will be playoff bound, my advice would be to trade @A9ent XOO7 to the worst team record wise at the deadline. He loves when that happens. Best of luck the rest of the way

    239 tune in to the quack attack jam

    Now before I go, gotta release a few bits of info from my sources


    “NDA is no match for the Ducks” - my sources

    “NDA media show is hot garbage” - my sources

    “Jelly can’t score” - my sources

    “Everything is @Gala ’s fault” - my sources

    “239 loves winning Blaze Bucks” - my sources

    “Dub is frustrated losing and scoring zero goals tonight” - my sources

    “Glex has been through more pornhub pages in the last week than all of 239 has in their entire lives” - my sources

    “Lime and Jelly had a bet tonight, whoever loses the series has to do the others homework” - my sources

    never doubt my sources...

    Johnny Kling out
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    Aug 16, 2017
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    Sources? Sources? Y'all got some of them sources y'all talkin about?!?
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