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Sweeps are good mmkay

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Young Kelch

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    239 you know what time it is. Back to work we go because it’s #WriteUpSzn. So tonight we face the 34810284591st rendition of a Pogs/Surprisme team. I asked the league how they feel about this every season, the results.

    The Lineups

    The Young Bucks

    LW @CortezEA

    C @Marty mcfly1919

    RW @Dmart Gaming

    LD @bangerj

    RD @Young Kelch
    (me watching the Cowboys on MNF all series)

    G @iSoldierUp


    Cody Frenz


    In total they took 5 charging penalties


    Game 1

    So this one was a beautiful shutout for DJ. Well sorta, SUR “scores” first. Take a look at this broken game.

    honestly I have no idea how this wasn’t waved off as this is the most obvious GI I’ve ever seen. @Admins I vote we send this to the command center in Toronto to have this reviewed, because DJ needs his shutout for his Vezina season. #DontFuckDJsStats

    Playing against Cody Frenz and EA, TYB battle back. Time winding down in the 2nd and Marty evens the score

    High five for real goals

    3rd period rolls around and BBX pots the GWG, but the best part of this goal is the audio. Take a listen

    hey @legion

    Final score: 2-1 TYB

    Game 2

    Broken play at the end of the period and @MrBinxx scores with 4 seconds left in the 1st. The Bucks whom are Young are resilient though and dial up one of their favorite plays.

    Dan coughs up puck while being pinched on the boards in our zone leads to a quick play and solid pass leading to a @surpriseme22 goal. 2-1 bad guys. But don’t worry ladies and gentlemen as TYB are not to be wavered. Dmart & Cortez both tally in the 3rd to close it out.

    Final score: 3-2 TYB

    Game 3

    Dan had a game and since he doesn’t have many of those anymore I’ve been commanded to show you guys a goal. None better than the one that was discussed, scouting report coming in was Legion dives and bring it blocker side to get yourself the goal. Here is the goal that gave Dan his Hatty

    Lt. Dan himself puts up 4 goals, but post game he didn’t realize it as he thought he only had two. We reviewed the goals. He had two wraps goals, a trash goal in front where he stole a puck from Cortez (because fuck him) and shoved it & then the breakaway just witnessed. Have a game Dan, an ugly fucking game.

    Final score: 4-2

    that’s another sweep for the boys or boards

    With the 6points they jump 1 point in front of Cody Frenz squad and end their season on Wednesday.

    3 Stars of the night

    1st Star: DJ for giving up 1 good goal all night
    2nd Star: The broken stick in zone that forechecked to SUR defense, resulting in a goal
    3rd Star: TYB special teams units

    ggs to all of Cody Frenz squad. y’all are making the playoffs and have a solid team, a well tenured team. 3 high scoring forwards that know each other well on ice. Best of luck the rest of the way

    Stat of the night is that no one on SUR had more than 2 points in the series. In closing this was @Pogs and co all night

    239 I love y’all
  2. Thirty7inarow

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    Jul 27, 2017
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    For once someone got the play call right. Lmao

    Good shit, boys.
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