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Swiss Cheeks

Discussion in 'Rule 1 Posts' started by Yambag021, Jul 24, 2022.

  1. Yambag021

    Yambag021 Well-Known Member King of Media Admin

    Jul 20, 2017
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    Hmm...havent been here in a while...



    anyway, lotta new fucks around here may not know who i am.

    here's a quick description. . .



    With that out of the way, the rest of you know the drill...


    Today's participant in "Neganbag's batting cage" is Swiss Cheeks, a rookie. Fuck it man, i gotta give credit where it's due, a goalie with the name of Swizz Cheeks is a solid 6/10.

    Here's a fun fact about Mr. Cheeks...his referral says Dutch....but wanna guess who REALLY referred him?

    Here's a hint...


    So Mr. Cheeks missed game 1....of the ENTIRE season...for LG. Some of you may be thinking "self, doesnt the signup say if you're signed up FT, you will prioritize 239 over leagues". Well tell yourself you're goddamn right...


    But Dutch being a reasonable guy, cut him a break bc the schedule came out so late. Dutch is a nice guy...so he had these convos with Mr. Cheeks...


    Pretty clear....then convo #2 happens...


    Let's take a live look in at Swiss trying to comprehend "6 games a week in 239"


    At this point, Swiss left chat. Admins can see this and Kelch did his adminly duty and finding out why he left...


    It looks like Swiss is still struggling with that 4=/= 6 thing...


    And welp, here we are. Swiss Cheeks should be renamed to Cant Read or Count Cheeks...and thefollow up announcement by Ando about how we feel about dudes/women missing 239 for LG gave me wood, NGL... (go find it bc the pic wont load here).

    Now comes the fun part...Swiss Cheeks is banned, and Upshall 55 will be picked up to take his place.

  2. Hugh Laurie 88

    Hugh Laurie 88 Well-Known Member Admin

    Jul 27, 2017
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    Lmao. I miss these
    Good stuff ballbag

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