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TAWNS stands for Their Ass Was Not Safe

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, May 28, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    A bit late, but I’m here regardless. Flashback to Monday the uprising TAWNS squad faces off vs Shake & Bake. A battle among friends, a battle for the bakery. Abutt, Cee, Death2All, Pale, Kelch, and Ando all tied to the blueline bakery in some capacity.

    A week before this series Mr Anderson was playing goalie in front of the whole drug monkey crew’s team and wanted to run his mouth talking shit not stop when they beat my team practicing, makes sense he has to chirp any time he can actually get a win in chel considering he’s a washed up overpriced no thumb having son of a bitch.

    The Shake & Bake boys wanted revenge vs these boys. This one was personal.

    don’t worry @x mR aNdersoN o himself knew was coming before it ever happened.


    As predicted, here I am to do a writeup about how I swept Ando.

    Lets meet the lineups

    Shake & Bake

    Kelch seen above as he was ready to open a can of whoop ass on the TAWNS boys with the help of his running mate @P4LE PWNR



    Pucker up boys!

    Game 1

    Big Cee starts this one off with two in the first. Picks up his hattrick in the 3rd. Potshot and Johnny Kling add tallies themselves. Easy route. @Abutt218 leading point getter at the time picks up 0 points.

    “Abutt turned Hero to Zero just like that” -sang by those 4 chicks from the Hercules movie (or also known as @vedsx30 , @Gala , @DrugMonkeyRX and @Ziggy0005 )


    Final Score: 5-1 Shake & Bake

    Game 2
    More of the same, the team deserving to win won. Rumor has it @nikdagreek23 had 37 shots of whiskey this game. I tend to believe it because he couldn’t find Pale in the slot to save his life. Pale scores 4.

    Final Score: 4-1 S&B

    (Actual visual look at how much space Pale was working with in the slot)

    Game 3
    This one gets ugly.
    Here is the S&B boys opening up that TAWNS defense, spread’em boys!

    All 5 skaters score for the boys. Cee and Pale both pick up hattricks. Kelch officially hired as the new Apple supplier for the blueline bakery with all the apples he was dishing out. The backend combined for 8 points themselves. Just absolute domination.

    Ando looking back at those comments he made a week earlier.

    Final Score: 11-1 S&B


    Big sweep for the S&B squad as the pull within 4 points of clinching the 1st seed.

    3 Stars of the night
    1) Johnny Kling 3G 12A
    2) Pale Pwnr 7G 8A
    3) Abutt & Ando combined for 1G 1A, 10PIM & -32


    How the fuck do you let me average 5 points a game on you guys? Like pack it up.
    (Except imn0teveng00d you’re good in my book)

    That’s all I’ve got for this squad. We played a worth opponent in the last place Propane Propane club on Thursday night. I’ll drop that writeup in a day or so @Ponch x29 gotta hear how he’s better than this TAWNS team.

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