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The battle for Dallas... sorta

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, May 7, 2021.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    239’s first ever Battle for Dallas


    Damn that’s a beautiful city. As far as skylines go it doesn’t get much better than that.

    This Dallas showdown was anticipated since the draft. Kelch and Jonmonkey are the only two tenured 239 members from Dallas, Texas.

    Unfortunately one of these guys benched themselves to start a better lineup. No I didn’t bench myself for GaGoots. So this battle was over before it ever began.

    Kelch is the King of Dallas


    instead of the Tall Baller from the G, for the rest of the writeup you can call me the average forward from the D.

    I guess we should get to the lineups huh?

    Shake & Bake

    The Inglorious Bastards


    Combined age of @DrugMonkeyRX @x Sober Enuff x @Yambag021 and @jonmonkey20 if added up is estimated to predate prehistoric times. Literally skating around with fossils.

    I excluded @Swagg Sucks and Viper but they aren’t far behind.

    alright everyone take a moment
    (This is really just so Drug can grab his reading glasses, you know due to old age he can’t see for shit)


    Game 1
    Didn’t happen, well it did but we wish it hadn’t. The worst game for the Shake & Bake boys since the team was drafted. It happens we move on.

    Final Score: 4-1 Old fucks

    Game 2
    Quick rebound for the good guys. They return the favor with a identical score line just swapped for the teams. Kelch, Dvetts, Cee and Pale all score. The PHJ spoiled late in the 3rd by Viper.
    (here is a gif I found of sober showing my feelings towards viper)

    Final Score: 4-1 S&B

    Don’t be like Drug on the freeway (seen below)

    We head to a rubber match

    Game 3
    This was one of those grind it out game. @Johnnyy Blaze is screaming out on stream right now “Grindddddddddd”

    Pay attention because the first period is important. TIB goes on a PP, Kelch hounds Yam in the left corner on a dumped in puck, and then bulldogs his way through Swagg behind the net. Snags the puck throws it on net where Pale picks it up and dunks it home.

    Easily best goal of the season for the S&B boys as the party was rolling. Cee calling out for Kelch to start barking, which you already know his dumbass did.


    Pale adds another one soon there after, but sober lights the lamp on a dirty dangle move late in the period. I’m talking 239 top 10 plays material.

    Then nothing but a defensive battle broke out from there on.

    Final Score: 2-1 S&B

    Another series win for the S&B boys, as they improve their record to 10-1-1 after two weeks.

    Ian & Kelch in the front office. If you wanna see the rest of what followed you can follow our onlyfans account... search WeShakeItYouBakeIt on OF

    3 Stars of the night
    1) Father Time, for allowing us a little more time with these old fuckers
    2) The City of Dallas for being fucking amazing
    3) Pale & Kelch combining for 5G 7A on the night

    In all seriousness GGs to TIB, but the battle for Dallas had to end like this. It was inevitable. Good luck the rest of the way, you guys are still old though

    239 I love you all. Yam hold dis :Eggplant:

    Shake & Bake baby!!

    P.S. Drug thanks for Porzingis. Hope you enjoy that late 20’s draft pick. Turn up your hearing aid and you can hear laughter from Dallas

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