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The Bench is getting Toasty

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Feb 4, 2021.

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    Dec 5, 2018
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    Ehhh whattup 239, we finally won another series after 63729 trades and transactions from the captain Fwaming Dragon... It may have come against the Pity Party but WE TAKE THOSE 'ROUND HERE.

    Benchwarmers VS Imagination Station

    Lets meet the cast shall we....

    At C: DutchMDK
    At LW: Fwaming Dragon
    At RW: Master Shotgun
    At LD: Gyneman
    At RD: Lappy
    In the pipes: ME

    And lets meet the shitty ass players on Imagination Station too, why tf not.
    At C: Sniper
    At LW: Mr Tough
    At RW: Thamps
    At LD: Schielf
    At RD: Magilla
    and in the pipes: Blazing J Rick

    GAME 1: Game was tied going into the 3rd 0-0 im pretty sure. Both teams trade mid 3rd period goals and then Shotty taps in the gwg late in the 3rd on a pass out front and BW go up 1-0 in the series.
    GAME 2: Scoreless after 1. BW pop 3 in the second period and lead 3-0 going into the 3rd. BW score a 4th and then give up 2 late goals in the final minutes. BW win 4-2 (I think, maybe 3-2 if not 4-2). BW go up 2-0 in series.
    GAME 3: More of the same lol. Fwam puts BW up early, the game was a grind with BW holding a 3 goal lead and then giving up 2 more late goals to make the game close. 3-2 final and a 3-0 sweep for BW over IMS.

    All 3 games played evenly as far as stats go. Shoutout to Rick in net keeping his boys in the game and Thamps for carrying the offense.

    Shout out to Sniper and Mags for sucking dick... be better nubs.

    BW back in action tonight against Game Misconduct. Check the action on ITC with Holly and Blaze at 10pm bitches.
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