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The Boondock Saints become a Classic Hit

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Dec 19, 2020.

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Playoff writeup time!!

    4 vs 5 seeds
    Boondock Saints vs Johnny Kling’s Classic Hits

    How did Kelch’s team make the playoffs? Everyone has been favored to beat them all season long according to certain media and 239 community folk.

    “They can’t beat good teams”
    “They have Toxzack and 5 bums”
    and the now that we made the playoffs here is the new favorite line


    Pshhh c’mon guys this is the Classic Hits we’re nothing like the Simps.

    Too soon? Can I rip a team in my writeup that I didn’t even play? Can I tell y’all how @NoToRiOuS FiGo is a bum at C?

    Probably, yes, and fuck yes.

    okay I’ll do my part to focus on the series at hand. I know it’s hard for the older people in this league to read too much before they fall asleep. I’m looking at you @DrugMonkeyRX...

    speaking of Drug rumor has it he’s excited to be eliminated from the playoffs so he can spend more nights at the bingo hall while he takes about the good ole days when he and @Dmart Gaming used to run the 239 scene. Isn’t that correct Drug?


    Playoff lineups

    Johnny Kling’s Classic Hits
    LW - The Captain out of Dallas Texas. Young Kelch
    C - Flash Gordon himself from Florida. Ian the berean
    RW - #Tox4MVP from Michigan. Toxzack
    LD - The PT specialist from Arizona. Civcpo
    RD - The cocky one from Buffalo. x88x Kane
    G - The brickwall from Quebec. LLCoolSam

    and then for gm 5
    LD - The man who won’t shut up. TheTrueBenSwolo

    The Boondock Saints
    (Seen below the boys getting hammered at the bar after the series and shotgun explaining how he’s fuck ass at captaining)

    Let’s head to the 239 Playoff bubble for some hockey
    The last two teams to play their playoff series as GMs 1-4 were on Wednesday night

    game 1
    Johnny Kling scores a hat trick to rally the troops and kick start the playoff campaign. Ian and Kane add goals as well and this is an easy route to take the first of the series.

    (Dmart stunned he’s getting worked by Johnny Kling)

    Final score: 5-2 JKCH (1-0 series lead)

    Game 2
    The Captain starts the scoring again in the first. Then in the second SurpriseMe takes a very dumb Major penalty which leads to Ian and Schwatz scoring on the man advantage and that’s all she wrote. Toxzack gets a hat trick in this one, Kane picks up 5 apples. Shotgun’s squad doesn’t do anything really.

    Final score: 5-1 JKCH (2-0 series lead)

    It was at this point when the In The Crease crew was fumbling over their words as they all doubted Johnny Kling’s squad

    Game 3
    This one is a more defensive game as the Saints need to pull this one out or their season was over. Because there was not going to be a reverse sweep. It just wasn’t going to happen especially with how @surpriseme22 went missing this series. If you have any information about this missing person then please reach out to the 239 hotline at 1-800-MIA-SM22. @Toxzack scores twice and LLCoolSam shuts shit down on the backend.

    Final score: 2-1 JKCH (3-0 series lead)

    Game 4
    This should have been a sweep, but didn’t happen. This one was close but in the last minute Kelch connects on a one-t to seal the series... or so we thought. With 3 seconds left Dmart forces a pass on a rush to SurpriseMe who nets it for his first goal of the series. Then in OT there was a horrid EA goal that went in.

    Final score: 4-3 OT BDS (series lead 3-1)

    As far as ways to lose a game

    Looks like we will have to play on Thursday as well.
    In the Classic Hits team chat the boys were calm and focused on ending it in 5. Business as usual.

    Game 5

    TheTrueBenSwolo has entered the chat

    This game starts fast as Toxzack scores on the opening faceoff off a pass from Kelch. Moments later Tox scores again, but the Saints battle back. Eventually this game is tied 4-4 at the end of regulation
    Then early into the OT period Kane passes to Toxzack who peels back and finds a wide open @TheTrueBenSwolo who claps home the Series Clinching goal (in case you didn’t know @Dmart Gaming) to send the Classic Hits to the second round of the playoffs

    Final score: 5-4 OT JKCH (Win series 4-1)

    I would like to apologize to all of Nova Scotia for defeating their protege, governor, club bouncer, comedian, and mail man. Don’t worry boys y’all have the other Martin brother to root for next round...wait I’m being told in an updated news he was also sent home. Sorry for the confusion just stay at home and drink until you guys forget.
    Positive note is y’all are used to this, y’all got your hopes up for Nathan MacKinnon too

    3 Stars of the series
    1st star: Toxzack 9G, 8A
    2nd star: Kelch/Kane duo, both put up 11 points (Kelch 6G 5A and Kane 1G 10A)
    3rd Star: Civcpo and BenSwolo shutting down SM22

    Shotgun and team, good season I love you guys honestly but your season flame has run out. Maybe the Muffin Man can whip y’all up a batch. But y’all know what time it is

    To all the haters/doubters out there sincerely from all of Johnny Kling’s Classic Hits all we have to say is
    Just know we don’t play for y’all. Only people we play for is one another.

    We are down to 4 teams for season 17, it should be a fun two series. Let’s see how it unfolds.
    Remember if you haven’t already go vote #Tox4MVP

    I wasn’t going to leave y’all hanging. In true Johnny Kling fashion I am gonna send y’all out with one of Johnny Kling’s Classic Hits

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