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    The GLUE GUYS - The homies that will not be looked to hard carry but are solid contributors to winning teams. Should not go for high Bods but seem to always be worth more than the 5 or so bods they do get in the end.

    Gala - Versatile player. Hits a lot. Scores a decent amount.

    Kin Dange - up and coming star tendy.

    Epiik 16 - 239 OG who is streaky but has star player potential.

    RageInAcage - Frankenstein is back again to be under valued by momo captains.

    Yambag021 - defensive minded dman. Playmaking forward. Only shoots into shin pads.

    Derekgnr - steady lower bod dman. IDK never talk to him much.

    Agent - always drafted by the best team and traded to curse him. Versatile, good passer.

    ES0T3RICx - 239 OG. Honestly forget if you are really good or really bad. Blame the weed.

    Sniper0270 - Cant make a guy miss to save his life but ELITE at holding up and finishing.

    DisNub - Versatile guy who doesnt talk much but does the little dirty work for the boys.

    MAGILLA72 - Cranky old man becasue of Da Bears. Only says “FUCK”. Saves pucks and plays LD

    GOOGLE'S83 - A really good tendy with typically trash availability holding im back.

    The DOLLAR MENU / WAIVER POTENTIALS - This group is self explanatory.. These dudes will most likely go later in the draft for around a Buck. Some of these homies will be partying it up in the Waiver Chat which is actually lit af no lie. Expect tons of roster moves with the first season in a new game. Some dudes who were good will be ASS and vice versa.

    Nikdagreek - catch Nik at the local golf course bar. 239 OG. Never talks politics.

    WaiverRep - Good versatility for a low bod guy. Can fill in gaps with steady play.

    Loose Stitch - decent player who plays hella distracted. Just let your son play too!

    NpL Pensfan - young gun who needs some coaching but is willing and able.

    St1dWallGoat#7686 - Has 4 shutouts in a row in Be A Pro. Worth more than the 1bod he will go for for sure though.

    The Thomahawk - 239 OG. Inconsistent but every now and then plays like a beast.

    Thejsquad21 - Anonymous scout in NHL23 - “Jsquad is fuckin legit in net this year”

    WildWingx77 - A man that I have never spoken to.

    Adamhaywired - NHL Looking To Play Chats King and most active member. Good vibes.

    CheekSeeker - Elite goal scorer. Allergic to logic and defense.

    BeerxCaptain71 - Saves some pucks at a half decent rate. Likes beer, what more do you want?

    Daintydanglz#8362 - Dont really remember playing with him much ngl.

    FeenixxRising - A star of the 239 Food Channel. Great dude and vibes.

    Saint0420 - An old fucker coming back. Half decent C when i played with him last week.


    Murbo - a Bernat referral who plays LW/C

    SlightlyAboveAvg - A stupidwallgoat referral and g00dys long lost papa. Jerks either way LW/RW

    Stover086 - Snipers homie who can only play Thursdays.

    TheDirtyRandy94 - a full time tendy referred by Fl0de.

    CONBOSS - a dude named Connor. Bomb2r referral, prefers LW over RW

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