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Thunder Buddies Sisters all get thunder fisted in their thunder asses

Discussion in 'Articles' started by ImN0tEvenG00d, Nov 15, 2022.

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    Apr 20, 2021
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    Holy sheeeeeet what a night for the Sister Fisters. Boy do we have some really fucking good looking sisters in 239. This was an entire night of fisting and we were sent nudes and pics after the fact that I HAVE to share.

    I love little Michael

    But before we can get to these sexy ladies, we have some sexy fisters in the lineup tonight.

    Making his 239 Debut, Link Mobski was a bit nervous during warmies and was definitely getting chirped by the coach at every movement he made. Gotta get this rookie lubed up for a long season.
    Offsides every other play, penalties, turnovers. HELP.

    But luckily we got Hoots who took this rookie to the side and gave him a pep talk since DutchIsAssMDK aka not a leader aka 50 bod shitter aka “yo shut up” doesn’t use his comms to help the poor rookie out.
    Dvetts also making his Sister Fister debut with Kin Dange giggling us down in net.
    Only thing that comes to mind when Dange giggles

    So game one starts with Chum7ee scoring a chum goal which is no surprise, to us waking up and scoring 3 right after that. It’s nice to stay level headed when you’re facing 2 power forwards and a grinder up front. PIU.

    This game goes to double OT with Hoots himself scoring late to sneak out a game 1 W.
    4-3 2OT W
    Mobski searching to pop his first goal cherry in 239. (0 so far….feels bad man)

    Game 2 was more of the same as we saw in game 1. Thunder buddies score early to take the lead, but the rookie Mobski would not be denied another game without a goal as he nets his first ever goal in 239 to tie it at 1.
    Mobski thanking the lord that he doesn’t have to wait any longer for his first ever goal.

    Fisters and Thunder Buddies will exchange goals until the Fisters hold off a late period skirmish to win 4-3.
    But we want the SWEEEEEEEEEEEP.

    Game 3 is where the true Fisters were seen. An absolute Fisting ensued with Ando picking a default build, allegedly saying he chose his normal build (who carried who??) which resulted in a complete and utter domination of a game where Kin Dange earned the shutout for a final score of 5-0. Hoots was credited with a Hat-trick as the Fisters complete the sweep.
    Hoots channeling his inner McDavid (6 goals)

    Enough of the series cause we don’t care anymore, Onto the good stuff. As promised, a sharing of the Thunder Buddies sisters who got fisted.

    Odd Guys sister:

    Martinez Sister:

    Andos sister:

    Dangelz sister:
    JSquad sister:

    And last but not least, Chum7ee sister:

    As Always I’ll leave you with a life lesson:
    Roses are red, violets are blue, gala has a receding hairline, and he’s also a Jew.
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