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TOP DAWGS - Season 25 BIG BOARD (Part 1)

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x mR aNdersoN o, Nov 1, 2022.

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    Took a few seasons off but back again with the 239 Season 25 Big Board.

    This is essentially a guideline to the draft tonight. I will tell you who to expect to be drafted for the highest bids, who will be the fou national pieces and who will be hitting the dollar menus. I also attempt to give you 2-4 potential landing spots for the top players.

    This is for fun. It is a guess of where I think the captains value each player. If you are unhappy with where I think the Captains see you… suck on my balls cause I do not care. Usually the butt hurt guy who messages me goes even lower come draft night and looks like a momo. Don't be that person. If you think Im a clueless idiot go light it up on the ice then pal.


    TOP DAWGS - These are the homies that can hard carry and SHOULD be drafted for a fuck ton of purple dicks tonight. Will be up for awards at years end etc. In no order;

    Bcrippsx31 - The Hasek of 239. Was once picked 5th OA and won the Belt.
    30 Bods to Dmart

    DutchMDK#9455 - Elite C in 239. Solid 2way game. No Belt yet. He’s due. g00dy thinks he's ASS sooo;
    46 Bods to g00dy

    Oilstain30 - Elite OG tendy thats newish to 239. Everyone here has had a game stolen by oilstain for or against them in clubs. Bakery schmucks’ tendy.
    20 Bods to A1 or Pale/Barret

    Wizzywar - 239s Jordan. Cant recall him ever even missing playoffs..? Will control pace for his team and cry about his connection at the same time.
    45 Bods to Mash or Fl0de or Shitgun.

    Bluelineking7 - OG who can play anywhere but is elite on RD. Last season’s Championship Winning Captain.
    36 Bods to Cee or g00dy or Rocky or Cob

    Abutt218 - A Bakery Boy. Rackin up Chips like A1 racks up hits. Not flashy but does all the little shit right.
    46 Bods to Cee or g00dy or hopefully SOMEONE ELSE

    Mashotpa - Most peoples top LW in 239 for a few seasons now. Always in the Rocket runnings. Due for Belt #2 any time.
    48 Bods to Fl0de or Regretzkys or Rocky

    Lemanski - A potential threat to Mash’s crown as top LW. Elite puck carrier and playmaker.
    40 Bods to A1 or Shitgun or Barrett/Pale

    Veds - 239s Brad Marchand. Love him when he’s on your team and hate him when he’s not. Elite talent and fresh off his first Belt. Mops the floors for The Bakery. (PT)
    25 Bods to Cee or g00dy or Dmart or Regretzkys

    HallOfFame - Someone told me he is QC. Makes sense now… he is very good. A top 5 dman in the league each season. (PT)
    22 Bods to Rocky or Shitgun or Barrett/Pale

    AgentSook - 239 Rookie but most people know him from getting beat down 10 zip by him and his club since 09. The runaway Calder favorite IMO. Will be up there with Lemanski and Mash as top LW in 239.
    25 Bods to A1 or Dmart or Regretzkys or Shitgun

    That concludes Part 1. See next article for Part 2.

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