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Week 3 with Wizard

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Wizzywar, May 15, 2022.

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    S23 Week 3 Power Rankings

    #1 LIBERTY BIBERTY (13-4-1)


    Liberty lost their first series this past week in a tough 3-point affair against the Fakery. They responded with a strong win against Game of Throws. I'm not sure this changes my perspective on this team very much: they're a contender, but their grip on the top spot is tenuous, even more so. A tough week against Beavers and Noooooooo Means Yessssssss will be illuminating. After a strong 2 week start, Pensfan regressed to the 3rd worst save % last week. That needs to be a one-off. For as much as this team drives play, with the 2nd most TOA/game, they're only 7th in shots. Is that a product of over-passing or under-passing? Most important statistically: SurpriseMe and Solo have 182 hits combined......Regretzkys has 1 hit on the season. Put on truculence and live your best life, bud.

    #2 APPEAR OFFLINE (10-6-2)

    Dmart paced the league in scoring last week, with 22 points, and is tied with Kosmic on the season. Dali was 3rd with 19 points, and he's right in the Rocket race. They did this while their center had 5 points in 6 games. Veds is lapping the league in defensive scoring (alongside HallofFame), and AdamHaywired deserves a shoutout for a solid 15 points in 18 games, after 7 points all last season, but I don't understand how such few points are being accrued off Greek's stick -- a point/game right now. Veds is aggressive, but we can dispel narratives that he's a 4th forward. If I'm playing this team, I funnel everything middle and see what happens. Greek is capable of more, and even if it's just touches and tap-ins, he needs to start creating goals. More from him and less penalties for the team, this is a top spot contender down the stretch.

    #3 STRICTLY BUSINESS (10-1-4)


    The boys keep doing their business getting standings points. They did drop a game to Puckies, along with 2 OT losses to Appear Offline. The company is solvent right now, but I'm still unsure if tougher times aren't ahead with the schedule. Curddog came into the week at a league worst .705 save %. He recorded a .735 % this week, but this team still needs more. Silver lining is he's capable of it. You didn't need a fortune teller to predict Kosmic would be leading the league in points, with Jelly in goals. I still need to see a pivotal win against a mid to high end playoff team. Fun with stats: Marty has 11 points in 6 games at defense -- where he plays half the time now -- and 15 points in 9 games at center.

    #4 NOOOOOOOOOOOO (6-3-0)

    This feels like the cut off for the top tier. Pacing themselves with only 3 series so far, Pale's squad dropped their only series last week against Throws, including a 5-0 clunker. This team leads the league in shots/game by almost 2 shots (16.7 per game). And yet they have the 2nd worst shooting %. Just small sample? Cougar does like his point shots, but whether this forward unit is more well-rounded than high end, as pertains to finishing, still remains a valid question.

    #5 BIG BROWN BEAVERS (8-6-1)

    Only 1 series last week: a win against Chill Pills that was frankly too close for the talent gap. Mash and Dutch are 4th and 7th in points/game for FT players, which is fine, even if you'd hope for a (beaver) hair more because they're the engine. They don't bleed goals, but I'm just not sure at what this team excels. They look like a 4-6 seed playoff team, and I'm not sure they overcome that without a trade that Dutch might not want to make.

    #6 GAME OF THROWS (8-8-2)

    Jaqen Hall'ghar, amirite? The only players left standing are Cee and Rage. Coming off a tight loss to Liberty and a big series win against Pale's team, it's a bold move to trade your leading scorer in Sejje. Hall made a gut feel trade that his team wasn't good enough in a sustainable way. 4th worst in TOA/game and shots/game, maybe he was right. The question is did he improve? It's possible, but there's a lot going on with this team. Hall has to move to LD, when he's usually a RD, so does his game suffer any? Barrett playing RD gives this a duo that rivals anyone, but Barrett is still an offensive player, and Hall is one of the most uptempo attack players in the league. They'll need to have a balanced understanding. Lemanski and Kelch are alternating at LW, so you'll see some on/off splits but Kelch is more than capable. What I wonder is if this forward line -- and really team in general -- has too much individual flash and not enough cohesive simplicity. Can they find chem quickly? Excited to see the series against Kosmic this week.

    #7 BLUELINE FAKERY (7-5-3)

    It was a mixed message week from the Fakery, with a big series win against Liberty, only to lose 2 OT games against Sunshine. Abutt knew his team just didn't have it, even stacking his forward line with Schwatz, so he traded for the oldest defenseman in the league in Drug. Kaberle can slide up into a shooting role, where I think the fit is better with Abutt than previous lineups. Drug might not be the breakout passer he used to be, but he's still strong defensively and knows Abutt and Ziggy's games to a T. Ace will be happy to cycle and role fill. I think they improved, the parties will be a blast, but I don't think this team is moving up a tier.

    #8 CHILL PILLS (5-9-1)


    This team stunk, plain and simple, with mismatches everywhere. But I think Odd did fantastic in trades this week. Runway is a problem in this short season, but he gave his team the best chance to make a late run. Sejje and Halfsack are instant chemistry, and this team finally has a top scorer. Adding Schwatz on top of that is terrific wheeling and dealing, even if Sejje and Schwatz can both be puck dominant. Halfsack is not, so that should be fine. You have scoring threats at both wings. And Odd finally can move his keister back to defense. Thomahawk needs to stop screwing around and save some pucks (especially ones off the back glass) because he can put them into the postseason. This team on paper is a playoff team.

    #9 AIN'T NO SUNSHINE (7-7-1)

    5-3-1 with Gala; 2-4-0 without. I'm not sure why he was benched, and I don't think it should happen again. Chum and Freak are 12th and 13th in points/game for FT players; I think they're doing about as well as expected, but this team doesn't really have an elite player at any position. I think they could use a dynamic creator at wing perhaps -- Gala can play a legit center. But they're tied for 7th in goals for/game, and the biggest issue is Sunshine allows the 2nd most goals against/game. The splits with Wick vs. DaysofRevenge are also quite drastic, in favor of Revenge, but that might just be scheduling. I think this team needs a shakeup trade, but I've also heard the vibes aren't exactly boisterous, and you're not practicing on a BLK team.

    #10 VEDS HAS LEFT THE SERVER (6-5-4)

    Well, Shotgun actually played center for a series, alongside Dwagon, and they beat Odd's team. Odd would've had to be comatose to not nuke his team at that point. Still dead last in shots/game; still dead last in TOA/game. No real changes to the team. A league best shooting % keeps these guys in games, and I don't know how sustainable that is, especially if Anderson isn't playing each series (not that he shoots pucks -- saucers only). They have a brutal schedule against Pale and Dmart this week, and I could see this team falling like a rock.

    #11 RUBBER PUCKIES (4-10-1)

    Too early to look to Season 24? They have a -28 goal differential, and 2nd worst is -11. Score the fewest goals/game, allow the most goals/game. Eek. Or rather, squeak.
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