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Who Killed Cody Frenz?

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by Young Kelch, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Young Kelch

    Young Kelch Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2017
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    Time for 239’s favorite murder mystery... Who killed Cody Frenz?

    Was it DJ in the library with the candlestick? Was it Cortez in the dinning room with the Rope? Was it Dmart in the Billiard room with the knife? Was it Kelch in the ballroom with the revolver? Was it Marty in the Conservatory with the lead pipe? or maybe it was Bbx in the lounge with the wrench?

    (spoiler alert: We all did)

    Coming into the week the league was down to the Final 4 in the 239 playoffs. Teams geared themselves for battle. Teams practiced, teams game planned, some teams got mentally prepared. However some teams (Cody Frenz) just dreamt of throwing turds and forcing every pass.

    For the 47810472613rd time in 239 history the surpriseme/Pogs duo has a successful regular season and then flatline in the playoffs vs the first team that plays structured defense. Same thing, new year. I looked up the definition of crazy and it’s someone expecting a different result doing the same thing.

    Don’t want to only chirp them they had a solid season in which they only lost 6 games in regulation all season. Tonight they would lose 4 more of those but we’ll get there soon enough.

    The Lineups

    The Young Bucks
    Respectfully dressed for your funeral

    The Forwards
    @CortezEA @Marty mcfly1919 @Dmart Gaming

    The Defense
    @Jxmez1 @Young Kelch

    The Brick Fucking Wall


    Cody Frenz
    (accurate view of how they put shots on net)

    In the regular season TYB swept, but all 3 games were tightly played. This series at times would reflect that as well. Let’s go to the series ay?

    Game 1

    Bailey scores early in the second to open the scoring as he yells out explicits towards DJ and myself, fun times. Then he went all full spongebob on us and said “wanna see me do it again?”
    Cortez is a part time garbage man

    Instantly in the 3rd CF put up resistance as @surpriseme22 throws some slip on the net and is tapped in backdoor. 1 goal game. But when you have DJ in net that’s like having a 3 goal lead, he shuts the door. In the dying seconds of the game cortez blows a breakaway denying himself the hatty.

    Final score: 2-1 TYB (1-0 in the series)

    Game 2
    15 minutes into the 1st SM22 (surpriseme) slaps one from the high circles off of Kelch’s stick and in to open the scoring. I’ll be honest idk how others are having trouble scoring on DJ, it was easy. Then the man of many names BBX scores to tie it

    Okay serious question BBX, how can you switch your name 69 times and still yet to land on a good one. Newest being X-mas James since he like the holiday or some shit

    More from game 2...
    so @MrBinxx scores, then our LD (insert name here) tips one in to tie the game at 2. SM22 scores but WE RALLY and take advantage of a 5 on 3 PP as Marty McFuckYoGoalie lights the lamp. As seen below

    Dan calls out how Rev stepping up for hits will cost them, 3 seconds late it does. Marty again. 4-3 TYB, unfortunately @Pogs ties it at 4 a side. Late in the 3rd both teams are gripping their sticks like @See Dub 21 does dicks. The Toronto native on the squad sends the TYB fans home happy with this GWG

    Marty injured his hand clapping on the celebration, you can’t make this shit up. This is video footage of how the injury took place

    Final score: 5-4 TYB (2-0)

    Post game we had a delay as Marty had to go ice his hand and @legion was having a heated conversation with his mom

    Game 3
    I fucking sucked. I gifted them a goal on a horrid turnover. 1-0 bad guys. The boys pick me up though, as Dan takes the puck and walks to the front of the net and dunks.1-1 after 1. In the second the nice Martin brother sticklifts and scores

    The old man adds another and TYB lead 3-1 after 2. Then a Kelch turnover in the 3rd results in a goal. Dan chews my ass out. ‘Twas a swell time.

    Cody Frenz squad I tried to throw the game for you. Might surprise you but @Thirty7inarow paid me $20 to try and throw the game so he might get a chance to play. Didn’t work, but the check cleared so I’m with it!

    Final score: 3-2 TYB (3-0)

    Series setting up to be another potential sweep for TYB so bench star @Pounders2 knows his role and starts digging CF’s grave

    Game 4
    MrBinx turns on the jets and flys and take the opening goal. Then they score a second one as my guy doesn’t move. Kinda like @x Sober Enuff x when he sees any bouncing tits. Clearly they came out swinging, but Cortez stops the bleeding on a trash goal. “We fixed goalie animations” -they said. They fucking lied, it’s aids.
    Then Cortez ties it and I’ve been instructed to put this clip in here as Dan walks the entire team on this entry leading to the goal.

    Unfortunately the tie wasn’t for long as binx scores again. 2nd period ticking away as we get turd throwing late and Danny boy beats the buzzer!

    Tied after 2... win the period win the series.
    To the 3rd, where the score and instantly get countered with this

    From there it was curtains. Cortez pops the GWG and TYB broke their will scoring 5 unanswered.
    Late in this one Rev asks to drop gloves with Dan, Dan being extremely toxic does and controls the fight. The best line of the night was “do you know what game I play for a living?”

    Final score: 8-4 TYB (4-0 sweep)

    3 Stars of the night
    1st Star: Cortez 6G 8A, 14pts and we love him
    2nd Star: Dan’s rage meds as they worked and he didn’t blow a gasket yelling at Kelch
    3rd Star: DJ who’s gone streaking, 4-0 on the night

    Legion how my eyebrows taste?
    Don’t worry at least you & DJ got Morgan Frost ballin out to be happy about.

    GGs to Surpriseme and team. Tough fought series but you know it’s time for your funeral.

    Looking forward to the 239 Finals it will be Dmart vs @DrugMonkeyRX. Two very good teams will battle in what should be a fun series. Until next week Kelch is out, y’all know what it is #WriteUpSzn

    I love y’all, 239

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  2. iSoldierUp

    iSoldierUp Well-Known Member Admin Media

    Jul 27, 2017
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    You love to see it
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