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x D A L Y Weight Loss Plan Revealed : Contract Worms

Discussion in 'Write-Ups' started by MACNORTH, Aug 20, 2018.


    MACNORTH Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2017
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    We are back people!

    YES I have traded my entire team!

    YES I might have done so too late!

    YES Chelsey might wish she wasn't the only one I didn't trade!

    YES We are winning games and making a push!

    On to Sunday Evening:

    Chances are if you are reading this you have been on the receiving end of a DALY nude. You know, usually him awkwardly holding a phone, taking a picture of himself in the mirror. Usually flexing, usually awkwardly shaved. We all know how much Daly has lost, and how fit he has gotten over the years. However what you didn't know is just how he has gotten there. He talks about Lean Proteins, He talks about crushing it at the gym, He talks about tracking his macros....what you didn't know is that this is all a facade. The real reason for the continuing weight loss:

    (I searched for the most disgusting Worm picture....trust me...there isn't anything even close to this)

    Let's Meet the Lineups:

    We've Got Worms

    Center - Esoteric
    (When asked about playoffs after being traded)

    Left Wing - SeeDew77

    Right Wing - SurpriseMe + Right Defense - BeautifulWeiner

    Left Defense - Wingels
    (Chance at revenge against his old club)

    Goal - MACNORTH
    (The Plant Based Life is real)

    Bench - PeacfulBob
    Bob the Boy Scout in his Pack Picture - 1974

    Daly's Team - Good thing he picked a lame team name. Would hate to waste a good one on this season.


    Rest of the team (Some on time - some staggering in late)

    Games Summary:

    WGW sweeps. Chels dominates. Eso getting back into form. Defense stout. SurpriseMe elite. Bob sells popcorn.

    Next Up: S8Champs

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