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An a.d.d. legion sunday bored at work rant.
Posted on Jul. 7th, 2019
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Been a while since i've done one of these. bear with me, this is gonna get retarded on a few levels.

ok, first --- who gives a flying fuck if the girl they chose to play ariel is black ? seriously. who gives a fuck ? ariel's parents were greek and her best friend is a fucking jamaican crab, but her being black is what you have a hard time with ? also --- why in the fuck are adults ( myself included ) talking about this dumb shit ?

next ---- on what fucking planet does a starbucks employee ask six fucking cops to leave a coffee shop because a customer is " afraid " of them ? when the fuck did this become a thing ? the worst part --- the fucking cops actually left. if i was one of the cops, there would definitely have been an abuse of power situation just waiting by the dumb fucks car outside. if a cop in the immediate area makes you nervous or afraid, it is either because youre a criminal or a fucking retarded cunt.

also --- the fucking border bullshit. i know there are a ton of retards on both sides of this issue --- but anyone that crosses our border illegally , regardless of the fucking reason, is a fucking criminal and should be sent back --- preferably with a fucking catapult. i have absolutely no fucking problem with anyone that comes here legally, none at all. i welcome anyone that wants to come here for a better life as long as they do it the right way --- i will also add this caveat-- our legal immigration system is a fucking mess and needs to be fixed and it really shouldnt take 7-10 years to come here legally. that being said, the fucking haitians, africans, mexican and other south american people that are storming our borders can fuck off --- as should any libtard asswipe that says we should have open borders and free fucking healthcare and welfare for illegal aliens---fuck them --- help actual americans first, and close the fucking border. --- also -- democrats act like they give a flying fuck about these people, but they literally only care about votes . back in the 80's when reagan won california, and the illegals were known for voting republican, every democrat on earth wanted our border closed . if the illegals coming here now were republicans --- there would be a wall 50 feet high at the border and it would have fucking gun turrets on it. also --- the dumb cunt from nyc who says that the illegals are being forced to drink toilet water is a lying retarded cunt.

now ---- this will start some shit but i dont fucking care ----- the recent trade between shitgun and ozzy.

while i had no problem playing on shitguns team ( it was actually fun ) i did have a problem with sunneedee. he is a shitty team mate. first -- he signs up as center only -- i get it, he fucked up and it was too late to fix it. ok --- he cant win a fucking faceoff, thats first. second --- half of playing center is defensive --- but its hard to play defense when youre at the other team's blue line. he also messaged half of the other captains asking them to trade for him. jerkoff move. then he magically either had to work the night of the next series ---- makes it home in time for game three but we had already won the first two so he got emo that he didnt play in the third game. then falls asleep during the first two games of the last series causing us to get a waiver. --- then fucking chirps dunner for not being ready for a one timer when in dunner's defense sunnee doesnt fucking pass any way so i cant blame him for not being ready for the pass he didnt expect. hopefully ozzy and pale will be a little more vocal and straighten his dumb ass out.

also, why doesnt anyone do write ups any more ? that used to be half the fun of winning a series ---talking shit to the people you beat --- but it rarely happens now ---- we should make it a fucking rule that you have to do a write up when you win.

ok ---- customers finally coming in. yall can fuck off now
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An a.d.d. legion sunday bored at work rant.
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