Kelch isn’t Dmart

Shaggin’ Wagon rolls into town, with their fearless Leader Reep at the wheel.

Waggin’ tails were glad to accommodate old friends.

Noone was happier to see Kelch, than JoeShiney32. Joe was able to score a couple of GWGs and finish the night with 7 goals. While it wasn’t a sweep, Waggin’ Tails was able to bookend a couple Ws this week.

GM 1 Waggin’ Tails 3-1

GM 2 Shaggin’ Wagon 5-3

GM 3 Waggin’ Tails 5-1

Title was suggested during last night series, as the question was asked “Who does Kelch think he is?”, as he skated up and down the ice, from Off to Def, “Is he supposed to be Dmart?”. We’ll leave it at that, hate to see him leave server again.

I jest, GGs Shaggin’ Wagon, Reep and Crew.

Also want to Thank my Team, for showing up and playing every series. AceSoul, Joe, Sportsx, Dub, Chandler, Upshall, Crawford.