TOZO plugs up some Ice Holes

Happy Wednesday to this beautiful 239 community. I hope everyone’s day is going great and you all achieve whatever you set your mind to. Also if you’re not having a swell start to the day, don’t worry, it can always get better! With time, effort, and patience, you can overcome any obstacle thrown your way! Just shoot for the stars and be the best person you can be each and every day. Love one another!!!

Tuesday night saw the Beloved TOZO up against a great opponent called Ice Holes. This team is lead by the severely underrated and just an overall great guy named Jimmy124. This guy is a class act to say the least. He’s always respectful to people, he listens well, and NEVER blames the game for anything negative that happens. He’s always the first one to say, “ahh my bad guys that was a bad play/bad pass.”  Such a great guy for the 239 community. 

TOZO has seen themselves jump into 2/3rd in the league after the trade deadline with some lovely acquisitions of JG, Dvetts, and Killzone. They have all adjusted well to the team philosophy of love and joy and treat everyone with respect. I’m grateful to have them as part of the TOZO team. 

Game one was a bit of an unfortunate let down for TOZO as they found themselves on the losing side of the game. Our opponents played an amazing game and they scored some really great goals from some incredible plays. It wasn’t at all because EA gifted them 2 goals via insane puck pickups and lucky bounces. They completely outplayed TOZO and deserved a game one victory by the score of 3-2. 

This was hard for TOZO as a team to swallow. We felt dominated and we left the arena with a sense of nothingness. Like how could we have been so dominated? Nothing we did worked? Everything Ice Holes did was far superior? It’s okay, let’s keep it together, no need to yell or finger point or blame anyone but ourselves for the terrible game one play. 

Game Two was much more the same as in game one. Ice Holes just completely dominated every statistical category and found themselves up 3-0 going into the third period. Are we really this bad? Do we suck? Can we not win with love and compassion and just pure joy in our hearts? Goodie keep it together here dude, it’s just a video game it’s not this serious. No need to get bent out of shape at all…….is what I could have done and said if I wasn’t a fucking loser!!!! FUCK THAT.

I had to rally the troops somehow. So I did what any great captain would do, I started shitting on everyone. YALL thought I wouldn’t last this long without ripping my team a new asshole? Think. Again. Bitches. Goodie is back. YALL can suck my cocks cause I’m coming to murder families here. Jimmy’s team is terrible. They didn’t deserve a single point, let alone a win. If there’s any team in the league that can come back from a 3 goal deficit in 4 minutes it’s TOZO. All it takes is one goal….which we finally got. The flood gates started opening. We found ourselves with red in our eyes, full throttle ready to throat fuck these Ice Holes. Another goal goes in with 1 minute left in the game. Can we get one more???? The answer is obviously yes. With 28 seconds to go we tie the game up at 3, but we weren’t at all satisfied. Ice Holes were shitting themselves, so it was the perfect time to win this game in regulation as with 5 seconds left Killzone nets the game winner. 4-3. 

The comeback was real, the boys believed, the old goodie is back, things are back to normal. 4 goals in 4 minutes. YOU. HAVE. TO. BELIEVE. What a time to be alive. I’ve honestly never seen a collapse this bad since……

Yeah I went there hahahahahahah

Game 3 was the easiest game of our lives. Since the collapse of both buildings happened, Ice Holes were done for. These guys had no business being on the same ice as us and we proved it in this game, winning easily 7-1. I mean it legit wasn’t even close. No BS EA luck from the Ice Holes. They got dominated. They got destroyed. They got wrecked. They got shit on. And they collapsed…..HARD. 

TOZO got disrespected in the final episode of the McShitties, not even being able to be considered a top 3 team in the league. You guys have absolutely no idea how 239 goes. If I captain, I make the finals. That’s it, that’s the story. Get. It. Through. All. Your. Heads.

Wednesday night we play Shitguns pussy ass team who wouldn’t reschedule this series cause they’re fucking scared of the TOZO lineup. YALL gonna learn tonight mother fuckers.