The Replacements get Anal…..and lose….idk

Oh what a time to fucking be alive eh? 239 last week action, teams fighting for playoff spots, teams fighting to get into the playoffs, and then….there’s teams like ANAL, the fucking dumpster fire of a roster full of rejects and low IQ hockey players minus Dom, Mattforfourfore4, and yours truly the greatest goalie in the history of the fucking game, and breakaway specialist here.

So ANAL fighting for a playoff spot take on Thomahawks over the 100 bod bullshit team the replacements. Now all fucking god damn season we had to listen to Young “I suck at this game but think I’m good but think I’m also important but also think that people care about me but also think that people can’t ever stop talking about me in gen chat but shut the fuck up you fucking puthy” Kelch talk about how the Admins made the right choice by giving Thomahawk, who mind you is way more than capable of creating a solid team that competes, an extra 15 bods in bidding because……why? Because he’s a low bod guy? Because no low bod guys have won the belt? Get good you nerds. Play the game more. Stop blaming everyone else but yourselves. It’s annoying.

Anyway, this dog shit team thought that since they’re up in the standing and playing LAMEanskis dumpster fire of a team that they would just coast to a series victory and get in KnifeVets0for3onbreakaways backpack and win. Yah thought wrong.

game one saw the replacements suck dick. Suck at passing. Suck at entries. Suck at hockey. Suck at saving. Suck at generally existing, while ANAL sucked just a bit less.
3-1 W or something.

game two saw the replacements suck more. Suck even more. And suck a lot more. While ANAL sucked less. 2-1 W or something.

game three saw these inbred hockey players suck even more than the first two games to a point where they didn’t even score hahahah. Like imagine not scoring in a video game. Just imagine that. I knew that was gonna happen. I knew that. Idk the score but it was like 2-0 ANAL.

Series MVPs:

  • Jimmy for making us wait 20 minutes cause he got a gangbang opportunity and they told him they would pay him extra. He in fact did not get paid extra.
  • ANAL offense as a whole because holy fuck we suck. We can’t pass, we can’t score, hell we can’t even cycle. But somehow we scored more than the 2 goals that the Replacements scored all series.
  • Me, because it’s my writeup and I can say whatever the fuck I want. Yall are bums. Yall can’t score on daddy. I’m here. I’m him. Let me cook. Best goalie 239 has ever seen. I can’t be stopped. I won’t be stopped.
  • Blue Collar Dads for allowing me to teach them how to play the game of hockey and trying to get trades going through and showing up to practice and all that fun stuff to just be shipped at the deadline to LAMEanskis shitty ass 8th place team which we almost missed the playoffs.
  • Lemanski for begging me to save him. Guy can’t do anything without me. I mean look at this noobs track record, I win the cup, he bids on my entire team to win his first cup. Then he trapes 239 because he has 3 admins on the team and wins another cup. Now he trades for me so daddy can save him another season. Hop off my baby dick dude.
  • Kelch for the worst takes in 239 history. To think giving another captain 15 extra bods is gonna be good for the league is so stupid. Just give everyone extra bods! Hell just hand out participation trophies why don’t we. Fuck it dude am I right? Admins Lose, 239 league wins. You guys suck ass.

    Ando retire bud. You’re Lb dekes are WASHED.
    this fucking writeup shit is aids on the phone I can’t add more. LAMEanski figure it the fuck out.