The Replacements lay to rest the Mighty Deks

That’s right ladies and gentlemen 239 playoffs. After a off week or whatever the boys are gonna try to get their mojo back. #1 Seed Pale picked the #8 seed odd, so Thommy had the choice to pick any of the remaining teams. He brought it up in team chat, and one voice rang very clear. Gannabis!!

PICK THE MIGHTY DEKS, I WANT TO END THEM… something something something Lippy is my son or another


At that point, Thommy had no choice he had to pick them. Time to go to war, but the captain made a tough decision he told Ando that after his poor play the week prior that he was getting benched and to shut his fucking yapper.

Night One: first time using this line
Knife – Dragon – Reep
Kelch – Disney

I’d give gifs and whatnot here for each player but only one was deserving. How did the captain play in the pipes?

Down 2 games to 1


Night 2
Belivue – Dragon – Ganny
Kelch – Reep

Games 4 and 5… Beli cooks, Thommy doesn’t suck, Ganny rallied the troops. The Replacements take a 3-2 series lead.

Game 6, 2OTL. Tip goals are fun.


Game 7 line activated… Ando out of timeout to make his playoff debut, Knife off the bench to make his return for night 2.

Game 7

Knife – Dragon – Ando
Kelch – Reep

EZ PZ… Ando hatty, boys buzzing, laughs happening. GGs

Final Score: The Replacements: More, Might Deks: Less

GGs Mighty Deks, was a good series and s/o rookie capt Chandler. Great dudes over there but you know I gotta do it. HOLD THIS for me

3 Stars of the series
1. Not Thommy
2. Ganny for the motivation
3. Ando for winning his first playoff round in like 8 seasons

In true classic 239 fashion I gotta post this gif b/c it is what it is. RIP

We here at the Replacements welcome you all to join us at KnifeVet’s house for the afterparty