The Glue Factory

Despite it probably being a bad omen that I am doing a write up before heading into the finals, gotta make good on the promise to the boys for SWEEPING Hobby Horsin Around. Also, big shout out to Dubby for holding down the fort against lemanski and crew last week while I was on vacation and eating my body weight in seafood.

We knew going into this series it would be tough. Wizzy’s team was the only team that beat us in the regular season when we had our actual lineup playing. Both Wizzy and I were hoping Pale would pick us to play them, as we thought pale’s team was the weakest of the 4 remaining. Gotta deal with the cards we are dealt, and the boys were LOCKED IN, Let’s meet the teams:

Hobby Horsin Around

LW daintydanglez

C Rawb

RW Wizzy

LD Mash

RD Epik

G Rage

Special appearance: dmart

Psychotic Break

LW/C Sando

C Turtle

RW Rocko

LD Vetts

RD Kin


Guest Appearance: Terry

Game 1

Hobby horsin around controls the pace for most of the game. Mash and wizzy have a love connection and keep trying to do everything for their team. Wizzy is playing LD, mash is playing forward, its looking good for them as they keep the lead most of the game. I tell the boys to just keep shooting, rage will let in softies like crazy. We end up tying the game in the 3rd and it looks like its about to go into overtime. This is the most important game of the series, the tone setter, the game that will determine the vibe for the rest of the night.. So, why not order some PIZZAAAAA

Rawb decides to hand deliver a fresh meat lover’s pizza right into rocko’s hands with 3 seconds left in the game to take the 1-0 lead. Reports say rawb said “oopsie doodles”. Mash and wizzy angerly DM each other how they hate everything. Mission success, their mojo is broken.

Game 2

A much more even game, we blast them with shots but rage holds pretty strong. This game does go into overtime. I tell the boys to just keep shooting, eventually rage will break. Not long into the period, rocko snipes a goal as rage ducks out of the way in the wrong direction. 2-0 lead.

Game 3

The tides have turned, as we dominate control and pace. Wizzy’s team seems defeated after 2 hard losses to take. Weazle with the big shutty. 3-0 series lead and a 2 night break.

Game 4

Mash appears to have given up before the game even starts, no shows, and it is ugly. The boys take a 4-0 lead easily and coast to an eventual 4-1 resulting in a sweep.

I wouldn’t say we deserved to win 4 games in a row, but the boys were LOCKED IN and knew what weaknesses had to be exploited to get the Ws.

3rd star: Rage

2nd star: Weazle

1st star: