Allegedly The Dumpstars Are Good?

Dumpstars were back in action on thursday night!, No Drama tonight just a team looking to have a good time, vibes were still at a season high after Old Yeller was put to sleep.

Now lets get to the starting lineups


LW: Sejje

C: Shotgun

RW: ScaryTerry

LD: Sunz

RD: Odd Guy

G: Cripps


LW: Bootyclappin

C: Pale

RW: Rat

LD: Hawnky

RD: Sapper

G: JSquad

Game 1 was off to a slow start Allegedly started off with a 1-0 lead at the end of won with a goal by their leading scorer ScaryTerry and No Ladies and Gents I had to double check that fact too.

Second period starts and the dumpstars wake up. They score 4 unanswered to win the game. A live video of Sejje was caught

Game 2 starts off Allegedly trade goals in the first period and allegedly is pumped

Just when allegedly thought they had a chance Dumpstars throw 5 on the board to win 6-1. Rat scores a Hatty including a penalty shot that beats Cripps.

Game 3 the dumpstars have devastating news Sapper gets called in work and cant play game 3. They lineup changed with ozzy playing RW and Rat moving to RD Wait What?

The dumpstars are nervous with Rat on D who would blame them, However this is the most complete game the dumpstars have played. Ozzy carries the offence with 6 points in his 1 game duty

and the dumpstars complete the sweep.

Sejje was MIA the rest of the night local security cameras caught him after the series

This marks 7 n a row for the dumpstars!

Dumpstars are back in action monday vs Red Lite Massacre lets see what is in store for the dumpstars.

Rat out