Trouser bombs went off as TOZO strikes again

I’m just really pissed off right now. The 239 community has no idea how mad I’ve become about the recent information that has been leaked. I’m so mad right now, that on a scale of one to mad, I’m mad. 

How on earth did my real full name of “Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin ImNotEvenGood bin Laden bin Goodie,” get leaked? This is some tech bullshit that shouldn’t have ever seen the light of day happen. Like what the actual fuck. I’ve paid tens of ones of dollars to really smart people to have a hard block on obtaining my real name. Who the hell do I have to kill now?

Anyway, the 239 community experienced another attack, this time it was on RAWB’s Joe Shiney-less Trouser Dogs. I’m not gonna name names, but someone (me) told Joe Shiney that his family was in danger and that if he showed up to the series, it wouldn’t end well for his family. So he did what anyone else would do in this situation, he listened and told RAWB “something came up.” Well indeed something did come up, it was multiple bombs implanted in the trousers of RAWB discount clothing store for the losers who only sign up when RAWB captains and the lack of ability to play the NHL24 game….store…. Idk what the hell I just said. 

After gifting Regreatzky the series win on Monday, and gifting Dom some jerking off material, TOZO decided that it’s enough with the free handouts. Time to as simply put…..sweep the next opponent. Sorry RAWB, but you guys were the next victims. 

Game 1 was a domination. TOZO brought a Seal Team 6 like squad of Mashtopia, Newly acquired Terrorist in training Killzone, Riedel, See Dub, and Big Mac to the front doors of RAWB’s store. No alarms went off as Riedel easily opened the front door, took a nice shit on the floor, and opened the back door for the rest of TOZO to enter. 5-2 W

Game 2 saw a lack of urgency to respond to their home as RAWB’s Trouser Dogshit team decided that everything that they did wrong in game one, will not be changed, and everything TOZO did right, won’t be stopped. More shits were taken on the isle floors as TOZO cruises to a series win, With more bombs planted. 5-2 W

Game 3 the Trouser Dogshit team finally showed up, but I’m afraid the damage had already been done. TOZO was able to subdue all of the Dogshit members and plant the final bombs. The timer was set, TOZO flees the scene, and Killzone himself was tasked with the duty of pressing the detonator. The initiation was complete, he is now a TOZO member in full. 4-2 W

There you have it. TOZO may lose some battles, but we have our eyes on the bigger picture. We will not go down without a fight, and if we lose a fight, we will make sure that  we inflict as much damage as possible so that come playoff time, no one wants to even remotely choose us as opponents. 

239…… watch yo backs. TOZO continues to attack. 

Goodie blah blah Mohammed blah blah can’t believe my name was leaked bin Laden blah blah Goodie OUT.